chicks tell me I look like drake
96 kg 19.5% bf 178 cm
A Copt with a love for knowledge



can u not act like the people that design “date rape drug detection” things like those glasses or the nail polish are the bad guys here like yes we don’t want bombs to fall on Gaza but if someone built them a fuckin bunker would you judge them for it? Rapists are the bad guys. That’s it.

I just went through some really intense lucid dreaming where my eyes came open and I continued to hallucinate. The dream involved an altercation with a suspicious individual who became more malicious, who I was able to physically fight under control but couldn’t use extraneous techniques like breathing fire on. When my eyes came open, I continued to see figures


me: wyd
her: playing with my pussy
me internally: iight man, moment of truth, this is where legends are born, you can’t sound thirsty but you have to sound attracted to her actions, you got this. you fucking got this.
me: haha me too