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Muay Thai: A tutorial [episode8.3: (Flying) Tornado Kicks]

Tutorial Prerequisites:


Round Kicks

Before I start this one, don’t attack me; I know, Tornado kicks aren’t Muay Thai. They’re taekwondo. But holy crap. Have you seen a tornado kick? Wouldn’t you like to learn that? Let’s get on with it. Quit whinin’, bitch.

Fall into stance. While taekwondo incorporates different stances, orthodox or southpaw will do just fine.

*EDIT* I have a tutorial on stance here 

Stance for newbies

 Now, the tornado kick is powered by an accumulation of force through rotation. So, let’s accumulate. Notice that traditionally in taekwondo the initial kick would be a backward-spin kick. But that’s not how we’d do it in Muay Thai. Our first rotation disorients the attacker with a lower leg kick. Whether or not the kick lands is irrelevant; what matters is you make a complete rotation. As you finish the rotation (at about 300 degrees),   put the kicking leg down and lift the other leg’s knee but continue rotating to about 500 degrees. When you reach this point, spring into the air as you round kick with the back leg. Don’t try to do jumping in slow steps, it only works if your momentum is built properly. This move is incredibly complex both to master and to explain, so bear with me. Or, I could get this 12-year old to explain for me :D

This move is more difficult than anything I’ve ever showed you, and it takes a lot of work to master. It is worth it, trust me. Practice your round kicks on a punching bag, but the entire tornado kick should be done in an open area (backyard, studio, living room area free of clutter); preferably in view of a mirror so that you can inspect and perfect your form and technique. Set this kid as your standard. Happy training!